Monday, May 18, 2009

Planes can suck brains

Well I have never been on a flight that long before and I am not looking forward to it again. The flight to India was one of the slowest periods of my life. I can't really sleep on a plane (even when I am complete exhausted; only nap.) so the 14 hours of flight went by incredibly slowly. As the restrooms on the plane are big enough for me to walk into, shut the door, circle, and try to make the half toilet work I didn't use them often (did I mention I have confidened space issues.) Thankfully though nothing really eventful happened on the plane. I even had movies to watch on the India flight. (Although trying to watch a movie when you can't keep you eyes open is very hard.)

Customs here sucks. 3 hours of mainly standing in lines. First the swine flu line. (oh yes) where you fill out a questionayre which I don't think they could even read. If you asked questions you got this blank look in return. (blank...this is common. Then off to the customs line (again questions are meet with blank looks.) Next is the baggage line. Finally is the exiting customs line. Sigh. I hate lines. Finally I met up with the cab to take me to the hotel and roughly 1.5 hours later I got to go to sleep.

In the interest of time here is a quick summary of the werid things I have seen.
  • Speed is controlled by speed bumps in the old city of Delhi. The bigger the bump the slower they want you to go.
  • No one cares about traffic rules. In the words of my driver. They are to help guide you, not restrict you. (In America we are silly.)
  • Everyone is looking for a way around any rule. (Including everyone one the plane who are getting up as the plane is taking off to get into the bathroom.)
  • Male children are raised much differently here.
  • No one in India should be heavy as they would sweet it off. :)
  • In general people are very kind.
  • There are lots of people here.
  • Deoderant is very optional. (very sigh)

Well until next time.

Sorin - David off to play wowcrack.

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  1. I wondered how your first day in India went! Wow. Almost 10 pm there already. I'm sorry about the deodorant, ewww? Even with the crazy speedbumps is the city beautiful, and have you even been to Adobe yet over there?

    Hope stuff is going ok despite the oppressive heat and smell. I hope that the bed in your hotel is comfortable, if nothing else.