Thursday, May 21, 2009


I know your going to find this odd but I am loving the cows here. They are small and skinny but there is a humor about them. They seem to be aware that people move around them and don't really care. In the interest of pictures I have taken a picture of a few now but unfortunately I did not get pictures of the coolest cow ever.

So to set the stage...

I tried to go into the office. I went to the wrong office and had to get another taxi to a different office (also in Noida.) On the way there we passed a cow walking down the middle of the road. (That is not the strange part.) So the cow had a cart tied to its back pulling fruit. Which at first I was like, "oh the cow is pulling the cart for its master." Then I noticed there was no master. Just a cow walking down the middle of the road with a cart full of fruit.

This took me back. I had to wonder if this was common. Do people's respect for cows prevent theaft of goods? Does the cow know the way so well that he can be hooked up and he is off? We had to go onto the side of the road to pass the cow as our horn did not encourage him to move. I was busy trying to get my iphone out to take a picture but we rounded a corner and I saw him no more. So I figured I would just be ready for the next cow.

When I got into the office I asked about this event. People had a good laugh because they thought I was joking about the cow. I quickly found out this was not a common occurance. People do hook carts up but they guide them, protecting their wears. This lead to a lot of speculation about where the master was. The best one we came up with was the cow got hooked up, didn't like the weight, so it ran off leaving the human to chase after it, and only slowed down when the human was left far behind. Ah the cows.


I know, I know, more cow pictures less cow typing.


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