Friday, May 18, 2012

Full circle

Well I am back in India and I have come full circle.  I am currently in Bangalore and I can understand more about the beauty of this country after being here.  This is more like a tropical paradise than a desert.  I can fully understand why people would enjoy being here. 

I have found that life is not so hard this time around.  This is partially because I have been able to maintain a vague resemblance of my life before I came here.  (Unlike my previous visits.)  I go to Delhi on Saturday and I am curious to see if things will change.  With almost 1 week down I am missing home but not nearly as home sick as usual.

I re-read a lot of my posts for 2010 and I begin to see how lost I was with certain aspects of my life.  Knowing now where those things were headed I have an odd sense of peace.  I wonder where I will be personally in two more years. 

So much as has changed and yet so much as stayed the same.  I am very glad for my friends and family.  I am beginning to truly see what I have known my whole life.  It is whom you spend your life with that matters.  With that said, I find I am sad about some of my choices.  I am excited to see what tomorrow brings though and feel like I am ready.  For once in a long time.  I am ready.

Sorin - out

Monday, October 11, 2010

Road less traveled

I have been thinking a lot lately about the road less traveled. I see so many people around me taking one path and believing it is the right path, when it is so obvious to me that it is not. It makes me think that if I could just step back from myself for a second that the universe would open up and reveal unto me the right path for everything.

In a way I think we should envy our kids. Kids typically know what they want and are all about figuring out how to get it. Somewhere along the way we lose that perceptive and (whether we realize it or not) it becomes all about figuring out what we want. Once we know what, we know ways to get it.

I am not speaking about crazy dreams but the things that we want in the here an now. I have seen countless situations where someone I know was making the wrong choice. I usually try to give them some counsel but I decided long ago it is not place to try and make someone do anything. (If for no other reason than, you simply can't.) Then after the bad choice they made fails, they eventually wish they had taken the originally counselled road. Perhaps my greatest angst in this world is created by this counseling process. Does everyone experience this? If so for goodness sake just tell me where my choices are bad, so I can fix them.

As I write this I think back to my gaming friends (and Melissa) and there constant advice about how I react to my family but has that ever been a bad choice. I mean my choices have resulted in personal losses but as a family we have always gotten stronger. They would counter than the losses to myself are too great and I need to consider myself more. I guess that goals have be considered here as well. Perhaps that is where the difficulty of choosing the path becomes so difficult. Before you choose a path you must decide on whom and what you want to benefit. Obviously you can't benefit everything in your life simultaneously.

So the road less traveled. We tend to travel the road we have always traveled and avoid those choices that change our path. I think this is mainly because we have grown to fear the unknown. To fear change but change is constant. Probably the only constant that exists, so why fear it. My question to you is, "Why do you fear the road less traveled?" If you have a quick answer, you are either really in touch with yourself or you need to take some more time to think. I don't really need you to respond. I just want you to answer that question for yourself. I feel the benefit of such a true answer could move mountains.

Sorin out

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The very next day

So another change is made. I am still up in the hair about whether I like it or not. You tell me. I am not unhappy, I am just not sure if I like it. It is change. I am usually resistant to change.

Oh and I am hungry. I want to go grab some lunch but I am waiting for my chair. I am not leaving until my chair gets here sooo....I remain hungry.


Monday, June 7, 2010

The winds are achanging

Well the one thing that I can say came from this trip to India is that certain things have to change in my life. I wont reveal them all here and now, but I think one of those things is that I will be using this blog; to actually blog about my life.

So here we go. Tonight I did something rash. hehe. I wont tell you what that is but I will leave you guessing until after I know the results; which will be tomorrow. For now here is a tidbit from my changes. I have been thinking about this for a while but I finally did it.

When I first moved to Seattle some good friends of mine got me a "house warming" gift which was all of the little things I would need for my life to start. This was one of the most precious gifts I have ever received and I value it immensely. Things like TP, broom, cleaning supplies, and glassware. The last item I have actually kept and continued to use this entire time. The glassware wasn't the best quality but it didn't have to be. I was just starting out. I can't say the entire set has made it tell now. One of the first things I learned about washing dishes on a continual basis is that you must keep in mind what you are washing.

I quickly shattered 2 or 3 of those glasses and did a decent amount of damage to my hands because of my stupidity. Well, I learned and made sure to wash them frequently and be careful with the pressure. Since that day I have rarely broken another of these dependable glasses. They have been in use in my household until today with only a few additional losses main do to dropping or the dishwasher. They have served me faithfully and only rarely demanded blood in payment.

I finally decided it was time to upgrade. To something more sturdy, and while I was at it, something more in line with my personal flare. I looked long and hard for the glasses. I learned there were certain things I hated about glassware. For example, if the top is rather small my fat hand has a hard time getting inside and makes it prone shattering. So I searched high and low and I found a set a liked. Some would say that I am fruggle with my money. I am quick to spend it and I don't consider the value. I would actually say that it is far from the truth. I am quick to spend money if A) it is something I have wanted/needed and B) it suits my need and doesn't make to big of a dent out of my day to day pocket book (with the expection of treating other people; this I love to do in abundance and with flare!) I try very hard to weight quality into that equation as I have learned that higher quality makes a big difference in how long something lasts and the amount of usability from the item.

A good example of this was shoes when I was younger. I would always by the cheapest shoes possible. I use to think that if a pair of shoes cost more than $15 it was worthless. I mean for goodness sake it just covers your foot. Well what I didn't take into consideration was the fact that I was replacing my shoes about every four-six months and that the shoes usually were extremely painful after a week or two. I now spend no more than $50 (grudgingly; I try to keep them under $40) but my shoes last the better part of a year and when I decide to retire them. T usually retire to the wear at places I know my shoes will get torn up (at the beach) pile. So by spending a small amount more I am more comfortable and in the long run probably doing better fiscally for it. With all of that in consideration I finally decided on and convinced myself to buy new glasses (it only took me about one year.) So I am posting pictures of the original glasses and the new ones. Enjoy. I know I will.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time has come and gone

Well I could write about a lot. I have decided to keep this final post before returning home simple though. I have been here since April 30th, 2010. I am going home on June 4th, 2010. I feel like feel like my time here hasn't really done much but I am hoping it has. I certainly tried. Until May 22nd I was putting in around 15 hour days, and working 1 or 2 days on the weekend. So going home is a welcome gift. I will try to dive back into what I did before and quickly course correct.

I have had a decent amount of fun this trip (given this was a business trip with the hours mentioned above.) I really did enjoy going to Agra, Jaipur, and Mussourie. I do have friends here now and I will miss them but I am ready to come home. See you on Saturday home. I do hope it rains.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweating in the Moonlight

Well this weekend was fun. I went to Choki Dhani with Ed, Brett, and Scott. I don't think Brett and Scott really enjoyed the actual event but they did enjoy the Amber Fort. We had a good time. There was lots of sweating and problems but we did it. Our Indian counter part didn't show up on Saturday, because of his own reasons, so we had to figure out a way to communicate with our driver. Unfortunately between the three of us we couldn't seem to communicate. We finally forced the driver to take us to the hotel, and after some confusion, got a guide. We then got to the Amber fort just before it closed.
I was super excited to be back and to have my camera :) . We got back to the hotel extremely tired but ready to go to the party. The four of us walked around for about 2 hours and, in my opinion, had a good time. This is not the kind of thing that someone from the US would necessarily find a lot of fun, but it is fun to see what the Indian's enjoy. I recorded most of our time there so I will have video of that later.
Our native Ed stayed until long after the rest of us left. I was sooo tired that I crashed soon after the 2 hours was over.
The next day started around 9am. We got up had breakfast and met up with our tour guide. We went to the city palace in Jaipur and to the "largest canon in the world". The palace was awesome, the canon was boring, the view was amazing.
After a 5 hour drive we got back. I unwound a little and the world righted itself again. I wish my friends and family were here. I wish you could see everything I see. I wish a great many things. My resolve to make certain things change in my life grows steadily. Apparently it is time to change. Apparently I don't feel the need to run as much any more. I am looking forward to the future.
I am going to run away but take care.


Friday, May 14, 2010

There and back again

Well tomorrow is Saturday. The question is...did I get the Jaipur trip arranged. One thing I learned in India is things just don't go quiet the way you expect them too. I am happy to say that I did get the trip arranged though. We went from 7 down to 5 and 1 completely new person but we are going. I will be going ot sleep in a minute because in 4 hours I will be getting picked up for the trip.

Ed, Brett, Scott, Awkshish (definitely not spelling that one right) are going with me. As some of you know I have been to Jaipur before. I have no fear this time though. I am truly just excited. We are staying Chokhi Dhani Village and experiencing that once again. I am planning to take the camcorder and the camera. I will get better pictures and video this time. I will be video blogging the trip.

I should head to bed at the time is almost here. On my parting note. This is an overnight trip. We will be back in Gurgaon on Sunday around 5 pm. Take care everyone. Know my heart is with my friends and family.