Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweating in the Moonlight

Well this weekend was fun. I went to Choki Dhani with Ed, Brett, and Scott. I don't think Brett and Scott really enjoyed the actual event but they did enjoy the Amber Fort. We had a good time. There was lots of sweating and problems but we did it. Our Indian counter part didn't show up on Saturday, because of his own reasons, so we had to figure out a way to communicate with our driver. Unfortunately between the three of us we couldn't seem to communicate. We finally forced the driver to take us to the hotel, and after some confusion, got a guide. We then got to the Amber fort just before it closed.
I was super excited to be back and to have my camera :) . We got back to the hotel extremely tired but ready to go to the party. The four of us walked around for about 2 hours and, in my opinion, had a good time. This is not the kind of thing that someone from the US would necessarily find a lot of fun, but it is fun to see what the Indian's enjoy. I recorded most of our time there so I will have video of that later.
Our native Ed stayed until long after the rest of us left. I was sooo tired that I crashed soon after the 2 hours was over.
The next day started around 9am. We got up had breakfast and met up with our tour guide. We went to the city palace in Jaipur and to the "largest canon in the world". The palace was awesome, the canon was boring, the view was amazing.
After a 5 hour drive we got back. I unwound a little and the world righted itself again. I wish my friends and family were here. I wish you could see everything I see. I wish a great many things. My resolve to make certain things change in my life grows steadily. Apparently it is time to change. Apparently I don't feel the need to run as much any more. I am looking forward to the future.
I am going to run away but take care.


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