Friday, May 18, 2012

Full circle

Well I am back in India and I have come full circle.  I am currently in Bangalore and I can understand more about the beauty of this country after being here.  This is more like a tropical paradise than a desert.  I can fully understand why people would enjoy being here. 

I have found that life is not so hard this time around.  This is partially because I have been able to maintain a vague resemblance of my life before I came here.  (Unlike my previous visits.)  I go to Delhi on Saturday and I am curious to see if things will change.  With almost 1 week down I am missing home but not nearly as home sick as usual.

I re-read a lot of my posts for 2010 and I begin to see how lost I was with certain aspects of my life.  Knowing now where those things were headed I have an odd sense of peace.  I wonder where I will be personally in two more years. 

So much as has changed and yet so much as stayed the same.  I am very glad for my friends and family.  I am beginning to truly see what I have known my whole life.  It is whom you spend your life with that matters.  With that said, I find I am sad about some of my choices.  I am excited to see what tomorrow brings though and feel like I am ready.  For once in a long time.  I am ready.

Sorin - out

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