Monday, October 11, 2010

Road less traveled

I have been thinking a lot lately about the road less traveled. I see so many people around me taking one path and believing it is the right path, when it is so obvious to me that it is not. It makes me think that if I could just step back from myself for a second that the universe would open up and reveal unto me the right path for everything.

In a way I think we should envy our kids. Kids typically know what they want and are all about figuring out how to get it. Somewhere along the way we lose that perceptive and (whether we realize it or not) it becomes all about figuring out what we want. Once we know what, we know ways to get it.

I am not speaking about crazy dreams but the things that we want in the here an now. I have seen countless situations where someone I know was making the wrong choice. I usually try to give them some counsel but I decided long ago it is not place to try and make someone do anything. (If for no other reason than, you simply can't.) Then after the bad choice they made fails, they eventually wish they had taken the originally counselled road. Perhaps my greatest angst in this world is created by this counseling process. Does everyone experience this? If so for goodness sake just tell me where my choices are bad, so I can fix them.

As I write this I think back to my gaming friends (and Melissa) and there constant advice about how I react to my family but has that ever been a bad choice. I mean my choices have resulted in personal losses but as a family we have always gotten stronger. They would counter than the losses to myself are too great and I need to consider myself more. I guess that goals have be considered here as well. Perhaps that is where the difficulty of choosing the path becomes so difficult. Before you choose a path you must decide on whom and what you want to benefit. Obviously you can't benefit everything in your life simultaneously.

So the road less traveled. We tend to travel the road we have always traveled and avoid those choices that change our path. I think this is mainly because we have grown to fear the unknown. To fear change but change is constant. Probably the only constant that exists, so why fear it. My question to you is, "Why do you fear the road less traveled?" If you have a quick answer, you are either really in touch with yourself or you need to take some more time to think. I don't really need you to respond. I just want you to answer that question for yourself. I feel the benefit of such a true answer could move mountains.

Sorin out

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