Monday, June 7, 2010

The winds are achanging

Well the one thing that I can say came from this trip to India is that certain things have to change in my life. I wont reveal them all here and now, but I think one of those things is that I will be using this blog; to actually blog about my life.

So here we go. Tonight I did something rash. hehe. I wont tell you what that is but I will leave you guessing until after I know the results; which will be tomorrow. For now here is a tidbit from my changes. I have been thinking about this for a while but I finally did it.

When I first moved to Seattle some good friends of mine got me a "house warming" gift which was all of the little things I would need for my life to start. This was one of the most precious gifts I have ever received and I value it immensely. Things like TP, broom, cleaning supplies, and glassware. The last item I have actually kept and continued to use this entire time. The glassware wasn't the best quality but it didn't have to be. I was just starting out. I can't say the entire set has made it tell now. One of the first things I learned about washing dishes on a continual basis is that you must keep in mind what you are washing.

I quickly shattered 2 or 3 of those glasses and did a decent amount of damage to my hands because of my stupidity. Well, I learned and made sure to wash them frequently and be careful with the pressure. Since that day I have rarely broken another of these dependable glasses. They have been in use in my household until today with only a few additional losses main do to dropping or the dishwasher. They have served me faithfully and only rarely demanded blood in payment.

I finally decided it was time to upgrade. To something more sturdy, and while I was at it, something more in line with my personal flare. I looked long and hard for the glasses. I learned there were certain things I hated about glassware. For example, if the top is rather small my fat hand has a hard time getting inside and makes it prone shattering. So I searched high and low and I found a set a liked. Some would say that I am fruggle with my money. I am quick to spend it and I don't consider the value. I would actually say that it is far from the truth. I am quick to spend money if A) it is something I have wanted/needed and B) it suits my need and doesn't make to big of a dent out of my day to day pocket book (with the expection of treating other people; this I love to do in abundance and with flare!) I try very hard to weight quality into that equation as I have learned that higher quality makes a big difference in how long something lasts and the amount of usability from the item.

A good example of this was shoes when I was younger. I would always by the cheapest shoes possible. I use to think that if a pair of shoes cost more than $15 it was worthless. I mean for goodness sake it just covers your foot. Well what I didn't take into consideration was the fact that I was replacing my shoes about every four-six months and that the shoes usually were extremely painful after a week or two. I now spend no more than $50 (grudgingly; I try to keep them under $40) but my shoes last the better part of a year and when I decide to retire them. T usually retire to the wear at places I know my shoes will get torn up (at the beach) pile. So by spending a small amount more I am more comfortable and in the long run probably doing better fiscally for it. With all of that in consideration I finally decided on and convinced myself to buy new glasses (it only took me about one year.) So I am posting pictures of the original glasses and the new ones. Enjoy. I know I will.


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