Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well this week is very dry. More mundane than my previous weeks but that is ok. It just means I have virtually nothing to write about. Well I have plenty but I can't in this forum. In any case it basically is work at unusual, sleeping weird hours during the day, playing games on my laptop, and back to work. Since I have no pictures from TP I thought I would share a picture of the parliment building from Saturday. All I can say to that is this is 1/4 roughly of the parliment building. I have more I am just not uploading them here. Maybe this gives you an idea of size.

I am ready to come home by the way but I have 1.2 weeks. I do have a visit to Agra (Taj) on Satruday though...then shopping on Sunday. I have sent out T2's to looks for cheap prices on Jewelry for me but I have discovered those prices really aren't much better.


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  1. hey, you--you may be staying in India, or moving back. Obama launched a brilliant tax today that is taxing the software market in the US, regardless of where they are selling their products. Most software companies are now preparing to move their employees overseas and make the products there. Exciting, huh?!